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Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty

A set of values that promote personal integrity and good practice in learning and assessment.

Student Expectations

  • be honest in presenting all of their work
  • know what constitutes cheating and how to abide by rules of academic honesty
  • acknowledge help from parents, other students, and friends
  • say "no" to students who want to copy their work
  • understand that their teachers value their ideas and want them to present ideas using their own language and voice
  • understand the teachers' guidelines for group and individual work
  • understand and use technology and library resources properly
  • acknowledge resources in appropriately cited bibliographies
  • seek guidance from teachers when unsure how to follow rules of academic honesty

Academic Dishonesty

Students act with integrity and honesty; they take responsibility for their own actions. Academic dishonesty, which is also known as cheating, includes:

  • Plagiarism - Using the ideas and work of others as your own such as copying language or an image from a book or a website and not citing where it came from.
  • Collusion - Helping someone else cheat, such as allowing your own work to be coped by another who is expected to do their own work.
  • Misconduct - Refusing to follow directions, such as taking test materials from a classroom or using electronic devices when you are not supposed to.

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