District seeks feedback in attendance boundaries process

The district is facilitating an attendance boundaries process in order to accommodate student enrollment and to best utilize new/expanded facilities. A steering committee made up of district staff has been meeting since May to develop a variety of proposals. A stakeholder committee meeting, with parents and staff serving as representatives from each district building, took place on December 2. Another stakeholder committee meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 15 at Otter Lake Elementary (northern elementaries meeting) and District Center (southern elementaries meeting). The stakeholder committee is divided into two teams, one analyzing boundaries for northern elementaries and one analyzing boundaries for southern elementaries. Both north and south teams are analyzing middle school boundaries.

Community stakeholders are encouraged to review the draft plans and provide feedback on strengths, considerations, and recommendations. Find complete information and a survey link at isd624.org/AttendanceBoundariesProcess. The direct link to the survey (which is open for input through an extended timeline of noon on Monday, Dec. 20) is here.

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