Attendance Clerk: 651-653-2889

Attendance Message: 651-653-2880

Please make regular attendance your goal. All absences must be reported to the Attendance Office by a parent/guardian by calling one of the telephone numbers listed below. You will be asked to leave your name, your child’s name, grade, and the reason for the absence. Students who are absent more than ten percent of student contact days at any time during the school year or grading period may be considered to have excessive absences.

Excused Absences

• Illness/Serious illness of a family member 

• Death/Funeral of an immediate family member or close friend 

• Medical, dental, or orthodontic treatment, or a counseling appointment/ ongoing treatment for a mental health diagnosis 

• Court appearances occasioned by family or personal actions 

• Religious instruction not to exceed three hours in any week 

• Physical emergency conditions such as fire, flood, storm, etc. 

• School field trip or other school-sponsored outing 

• Suspensions are to be handled as excused absences and students will be permitted to complete make-up work 

• Family emergencies 

• Individual needs as approved by school principal

Unexcused Absences

Truancy – An absence by a student which was not approved by the parent/ guardian and/or the school district

• Any absence in which the student failed to comply with any reporting requirements of the school district’s attendance procedures

• Work at home/at a business

• Vacations with family, personal trips to schools or colleges - if the student and parent/guardian have been warned of an attendance issue or the absence has not been pre-approved by a school administrator

• Absences resulting from cumulated unexcused tardies – 3 tardies equals one-half day unexcused absence

• Any other absence not included under the attendance procedures set out in the policy